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366 and 165

By Thomas Macauley on

Wednesday, completed the 366th run/hike/walk since starting the habit in 2012. 120 running miles for the year so far. Made it to 620 miles last year. Tuesday, completed the 165th donation at the Stanford Blood Center: ABC double platelet and single plasma in 70 minutes. Not much effect on the run this time. Going to …

Four Halves

By Thomas Macauley on

Trail running update. 9,328.5 more hours to go until I can claim to be knowledgeable with 10K hours of experience. 246 workouts completed so far. Four of these have been recent half-marathon distance treks. The hardest Half was tracking the Sierra Azul Trail Challenge course last week, adding a bit at the end to be …

59 lessons

By Thomas Macauley on

[January 2013] Sunday was my 59th ‘hike’. The first was June 14, 2012: a 3 mile vigorous walk on Edgewood Road in street clothes while waiting out Palo Alto traffic. My ideal weekly outing now is a hike from Los Gatos to Mt. El Sombroso and back, weather and work permitting. I have done it …