366 and 165

By Thomas Macauley on

Wednesday, completed the 366th run/hike/walk since starting the habit in 2012. 120 running miles for the year so far. Made it to 620 miles last year.
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Tuesday, completed the 165th donation at the Stanford Blood Center: ABC double platelet and single plasma in 70 minutes. Not much effect on the run this time.
stanford blood center

Going to keep doing both of these hobbies until I cannot.
blood donation 165 stanford

From last week’s 365:

Run, Hike, Walk:


  1. An extra quart of water and an extra hour allowed for 33K (20.5 miles) on Saturday afternoon, picking my own route as usual. Thanks to the Quicksilver and the Striders club volunteers who refilled my bottle Bull Run and Hicks aid station supplies even though I was not in the 50K/100K race. Glad to see for myself that I am not the only trail runner who needs to walk up these hills.

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