Discreet Upgrade

By Thomas Macauley on

I finalized a customization of WordPress to match the approved design of San Jose Youth Shakespeare’s home.

After the play run I will remove the /bard/ path. For now the site relies on .htaccess redirection. The old flat files still exist and are valid. The several forms on the site are not responsive to PDA screens but they still work so I will leave them for now.

The new site keeps everything from the old design: fonts, spacing, slides, images, navigation. Lots of CSS, 60+ pages and link cleanup.




New site adds:
– Responsive design (essential for search engine ranking)
– New Home menu with Blog and company resources
– Top navigation drop downs
– Naviation and sidebar content for logged-in users only
– Updated home page slides.
– Slide show for Blog home
– New blog-size banner images, random for other pages
– New logo in footer
– Updates motion gif for homepage with new typeface and color (not perfect adaptation)
– Manually managed side and top menus. Automatic menus
– Sidebars unique per topic
– Amazon smile and Instagram links
– Better ticket flow from now-playing to purchase. Buttons for each function.
– Responsive top-navigation, customized
– Home page’s “San Jose Youth Shakespeare” is now responsive text and not a fixed width image.

…Predeeded by a successful migration of service from LunarPages to BlueHost and completed after days of detail work.


  1. The migration is complete, after waiting for completion of Red Velvet and The Comedy of Errors play week to complete. The upgrade is official, shared to the company, and no longer discreet.

    The root path from /bard/ to /, 400-404 shtml error pages, galleries, .htaccess for key files, sitemap.xml submission and checks… all done and effective.

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