Harp Has Power

By Thomas Macauley on

Our used green Lyon&Healy Silhouette electric harp was sounding worse and worse, starting with the high notes and degrading into a lot of feedback on any string played.

A trip to Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto and service by Steve “The Elder” Seperstein taught us that this harp has a *battery*. The same Steve did a great job in September adapting his guitar expertise to a repair of some of the pickups.

All we needed this time was a 9 volt battery. Plus some circuit lube to remove the static from the volume control. Maybe next we need a service manual.

The harp sounds better than ever!

This harp has piezo pickups on each string, which have much lower output than the magnetic pickups used on electric guitars. Therefore it needs a pre-amp, which is built in. I think the lighter Camac electric harp does not include a pre-amp.

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  1. (PS. We use a single piezo pickup on the Lyon&Healy 85CG sound board. ‘Wonder if we could do more. ‘Also think I see the Camac 30-36 string electric harp can split to stereo between high and low range. Hmmm)

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