73 Olds

By Thomas Macauley on

Oldsmobile Delta 88

4 doors and no B pillar: “hard top”

Evil Dead and Evil Dead II (Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell) featured this car from my youth.

Dad purchased his Delta 88 used from… probably another C&L partner.

His other used cars were a 1979 Cadillac and 198x Jeep CJ.  Dad’s new cars were the 1968 Galaxie, 1972 Maverick, 1978 Olds Ninety-Eight, 8x Audi Quattro, 1984 Corvette.  ‘Not sure if the 49 Mercury or the aluminum block sedan were new or used.


BTW, Grandpa Vick used to own a purple 1938 Olds – not the one in this photo:
1934 oldmobile

The same Herman E. Vick with a Ford:
h.e.vick in iowa 1925 - dog, model a, golf clubs

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