The Merchant of Venice

By Thomas Macauley on

The Merchant of Venice.

I’m excited about these new gouges. They require a different carving technique, but I hope that overall it will take pressure off my aching elbows. These are handmade tools, and they swing out to allow the blade to be changed. They are cool. Cool as bowties. Cooler.

I’m all ready to start printing The Merchant of Venice print.

I thought I would keep the image hidden and let it be revealed as I go along.

This print will be a challenge for me because it has a combination of warm and cool colors. This will require deep thoughts in order to come out with a successful print. There will be times when I need to layer a warm color over and cool color, or vice versa. That means taking into account the transparency of the ink. It will be a puzzle, and I will have to go slowly and methodically in spite of the deadline.

And did I mention that we are also in the midst of building four websites? Yeah. That.

I am using new paper that is stiffer than what I’m used to printing on. My hope is that, even if it takes more pressure to print, the image will be more defined. The paper I normally use is fairly thin, and tends to drop down a bit, making for a muddier image. Hopefully I made a good call on this paper.

Karen Macauley, Copperplate Art

Copperplate's new gouges

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