Z Hours

By Thomas Macauley on

I spend many hours trying to get navigation access menus to hover over this blog’s flexslider slide show. It looked like a z-index issue between content objects. ‘Was worried that I could no longer trust this Anaximander theme as a basis for other designs.

The problem fixed itself this morning while tidying up the site, and removing tested and excess plugins in preparation for moving hosting from Windows-based GoDaddy (2GH Classic Hosting) hosting to WPMU (WordPress Multi User) hosting at GreenGeeks.com (36 month EcoSite). One of the plugins must have been causing the z-index layering issue!

Thank you http://pinkandyellow.com/about/ (Morten Rand-Hendriksen) for excellent courses and an excellent theme base via Lynda.com. I have to get Copperplate Design ideas about personalizing it more!

Thanks to Dustin Hartzler for helpful podcasts and his recommendation of GreenGeeks.

Next steps:

  • completing the relocation of this blog
    moving karenmacauley.com to the same WPMU instance
  • Starting the first WP Auction for Karen’s weekly print
  • designing and developing www.sharonmacauley.com and others…

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