Pepper staple

By Thomas Macauley on

‘Have to crossover to Senter Street to get the best pickled pepper value and quality. The closer Costco “deleted” these Star Pickled Jalapenos at least a year ago now ($1/16oz in 32oz jars)

I have tried the canned and bottled made various locations (TX/MX). Some do have more tooth and more kick, but not better pricing. Star’s are softer, sliced, slightly mellow and so go with more foods. Glass jars sit and store in the ‘fridge better. Packed in Fresno.

Star’s marketing contact sent me rubber jar lid grips but her tip for opening glass bottles has been better: use a church key bottle opener to lift the metal lid just enough to break the seal and let in air (pop the top) – the jar lids open easily.

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