First coffee

By Thomas Macauley on

‘Tasted Peet’s Sulawesi-Kalosi fresh from a Press on the job Saturday. I like coffee a lot but this was a “Wow”. I have not had this experience before.

I think the experience is genuine… though it is likely influenced by some effort in self-brainwashing: when you *try* to form an opinion you will find one.

I am absolutely sure that there are differences in coffees, though… and there are no addictive chemicals, right? In this case it was another bean that I was *trying* to like but this one suprised me (not that it was a lesser quality ot price). The beans allowed me to believe I made my own selection.

I bought a half-pound lightly ground for home and smelled it in the bag often Saturday night. The aroma of the grinds stuck into my thinking so firmly that I looked forward to waking up Sunday for another taste. That was another new experience. Sunday’s press pots at home were great. The second with a pinch of sea salt in our distilled might have been better. The family did not object but did not have the same reaction.

Monday’s pot is also very good but the aroma either is losing its joy as it ages or the thrill has subsided. I suspect it is partly the age as the grinds wait in the bag. Maybe the coffee aficionados are right about fresh beans and grind.

Last night I ground the same bean batch at a finer grind (flat filter, not press) and it had more toast in the aroma than what gave me the thrill.

I am being asked if i shall be a coffee snob. No: I will be trying to like a Rooibius tisane at home this week.


  1. ‘tried another shop’s Jan 10 roasting. Same grind. After setting an hour or so the aroma had the same excellence. The brew this morning was very good. Maybe our distilled water holds back some of the flavor.

    • ‘Sticking with this one. Another roasting but trying a very coarse “13” grind, thinking it will bruise the beans less. The aroma after the pulverizing was perfect (otherwise takes a little time to cool to the right scent). The brew, though, is much different. Easier clean up but now I see the value of those extra particles and ‘mud’ residue. Maybe with a longer brew than 3min will draw the flavor out…

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