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By Thomas Macauley on

I was full of confidence in my prediction of a Romney win… until the wife reminded me about how surprising and crushing was the Robert’s SCOTUS court enshirining of Congess’s unlimited power to tax.


  1. it becomes like a TV night… in front of the computers and pads. pizza an nail biting (and tintin for the boy and math tutoring for whoharps)

  2. Welcome to:
    – 29 hour work weeks per person per job
    – less medical innovation
    – market control (limitations)
    – higher real cost of energy
    – higher inflated cost of everything
    – smugness
    – rich getting richer and the living workers getting buried deeper

    Maybe we can lose the teleprompter now?

  3. “The task of perfecting our Union moves Forward” – President Obama the day after, a replayed on ABC’s 11AM radio news update. Not controvercial?



    5 Big Stories The Media Will ‘Discover’ After The Election

    • The economy really does stink.
    • Massive debt and entitlement crises loom
    • The debt ceiling limit is fast approaching.
    • ObamaCare isn’t what it was cracked up to be.
    • Obama’s deficit-cutting plan won’t work.

  4. Solo Movie Night was my first resort: “Battle Royale” until 1am.

    …Followed in the morning fog by a 5.5mile trail run at Quicksilver (51st hike-run).

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