Debunked Pelosi chart re-infected FB

By Thomas Macauley on

A respectable FB liberal friend posted this chart November 4.
HuffPo writers don’t even support it.

I should not have let it slide without comment… particularly in hindsight of that person’s smugness post-election turned to snark and deserved a technical de-friending.

I won’t put further response in my own words. From the WaPo:

“If the chart were recast to show how much the debt went up as a percentage of GDP, it would look pretty bad for Obama after not even three years in office. In fact, Obama does almost twice as poorly as Reagan — and four times worse than George W. Bush.

Reagan: plus 14.9 percentage points
GHW Bush: plus 7.1 percentage points
Clinton: down 13.4 percentage points
GW Bush: plus 5.6 percentage points
Obama: plus 24.6 percentage points “


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  1. there was a lot of blatant dishonesty in this season:
    – romney as a vulture
    – romney as responsible for Bain and Bain as evil
    – Romney jumping the gun
    – everything from Pelosi and Reid
    – “Check the transcript, Candy”
    – Obama as pro energy
    – Obama having Israel’s back
    – Obama caring
    – Bush’s fault
    – Al Quaida decimated
    – “ships that go underwater”

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