Corporations are people

By Thomas Macauley on

Folks mock the statement, “Corporations are people”, as if the parallel of a person to a contract is meant to be literal.

“Corporations are people” means they exist and operate only by people making decisions and taking action.

“Corporations are people” means that corporations have will and ability much like persons. They publish and speak and own property, though they may not persue happiness.

We can be helped by corporations. This is why they exist.

Unions and newspapers are corporations.
Coffee shops are corporations.
Oil producers.
Leasing companies.
Car assemblers and ship builders.
Public radio. Sesame Street.
Endowments and foundations.
Blood centers.

Corporations exist as a contract and a piece of paper that acts and is acted upon without one individual being held reaponsible. They allow people to operate in groups and without rest.

We can be hurt by Corporations… or is it the people who manage them or the governments who regulate them?

Corporations are not greedy, any more than people . Corporations are not more generous than people. They do not take more risk or earn more reward.

Corporations have fewer rights than people, though. Corporations also can be used to affect the rights of people.

When leaders of Corporations negatively affect individual rights, the leaders and the Corporation are held personally responsible along with the company. When hired or contracted persons do similar misdeeds either they or the leaders or the Corporation can be held responsible.

When Corporations impact your rights by following law or regulation, no one is held responsible. Government is who makes corporations impact the rights to real people.

Withhold taxes
Disclose medical history
Open communications records
Levy wages
Classify and discriminate

Corporations become an arm of governments because they have no right or obligation or power to resist like people have.

Corporations can be taxed out of existence. They can be regulated at will. They can be redefined and recreated. Bought or sold. Subdivided or merged. Bailed out or targeted with regulation. Publicized or privatized. They are more vulnerable to the policing powers than are real people.

People will fight for a cause.
People take vacations frim work.
People quit and start new lines of work.

We cannot trust corporations to look out for us, but this was never advertized…

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