“The ‘adult in the room’ is running the most immature campaign ever.”

By Thomas Macauley on

I really like James Taranto’s sub-title for today’s Best Of The Web.

It is amazing the things that are coming from the Obama campaign and the President directly.
Amazing that these are not third parties or even just a VP candidate or compaign manager:

  • The duncecap image of Romney on ObamaForAmerica’s Tumblr feed
  • The video ad of the woman’s first time with the President
  • Obama’s advice for the six year old daughter of Rolling Stone: “He’s a [barbecue-saucer]”
  • D for drive for Democrat. R for Republican for reverse
  • Big Bird, Bayonets & Horses, Ships-That-Go-Under-Water
  • Romney Hood
  • …I am sure there is more

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