President says he is not indifferent

By Thomas Macauley on

One of my first thoughts after the Benghazi incident was that an ambassador is not just a State Dept employee. He represents the President. He speaks for the President. I remember that relationship is taught and used for effect in Sunday sermons.

It has taken a month. Barak Obama now is telling us that no one cares more about his ambassadors than he.

Barak Obama was indifferent and distant from the murder of his ambassador. His words now only catch up to the reality and gravity of the incident.

It took the imposition of his late SecState expression of responsibility. He had to one-up the SecState. He might also taken Romney’s early statements after 9/11/12 as none-up the challenger… though until now he used that for attack of Romney rather than an opportunity to be a leader. ‘Reminds me of the VP pitching the P’s evolution on same-gender marriage: Obama on the spot to have to say something that is leader-like.

It took his need to defuse a debate issue. He knew criticism was looming from the first person with opportunity. He could not avoid Romney.

I am sad for those who report to Obama. Obama puts himself first.


  1. And today the headline scandal is supposed to be about losing four men as “not optimal”. The issue is with the intent and meaning and not misuse of a word. Obama is back to taking no responsibility.

    He said things happened that need to be corrected.

    The buck is back back to the SecState and the bureaucracy. it never really stopped at the Pres, despite his statements and Tues debate.

  2. and nov 5 is is finally made clear by cbs’ sixty minutes that obama was absolutely dissembling on sept 12 and had no rose garden terrorism honesty a la debate number two. cbs held it until now? “cbs has a lot of explaining to do”

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