Inflation index

By Thomas Macauley on

My primary inflation index is the per-lb price of Foster Farms whole chickens. It is not volatile but has competition and change.

Costco now has them at $1.19/lb up from $0.99 a year ago. 20% inflation.

Grocery Outlet will raise their price again to match soon. ‘Glad for Safeway and GrocOut discount back to about .99/lb now and then in past months. ‘probably wont be so low in coming months.


  1. the cheapest milk outside costco is up to $3.19/gallon from $2.89 in the last couple of weeks. At least gasoline is down under $4/gallon… Are we aupposed to be thankful that it is above $2?

  2. Coscto ground columbian coffee is down to $10.49/3lb. unground is $15.50/3lb

    Both are lower… 🙂

    Standard AA Xlg white eggs are up $0.20/dozen within two weeks. $3.39/2dz up from $2.99

  3. Grocery Outlet now matches Costco: up to $1.19/lb… except when there is a $1/chicken discount for nearing sell-by dates…

    Costco/Kirkland Columbian coffee is down to $9.49/3lb.

    Whole milk $5.99/2gal. ExLg Eggs $2.99/2dz. DoubleFiber Oroweat $5.79/4lb/2loaves. Mountain High yoghurt $3.99/4lb. PeanutButter $11/80oz. Micheline 235/65r16 $667/4 installed. Pork Sirloin $2/lb buying 8lbs.

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