WhoHarps-ist Live at the Stanford Blood Center

By Thomas Macauley on

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 515-630pm

Sharon Macauley donated a lovely harp performance for a Stanford Blood Center event to thank and encourage long-time RhD-negative blood donors.

Naderman, Bach, Horner, Renie, Brubeck, etc… Fabulous, Sharon!

We like this community blood center so Give Blood!

There were at least 13 full tables of 10 donors…



  1. excerpt from Stanford Oct 5:
    “…we’d like to thank Sharon Macauley and her father, Thomas Macauley (one of our dedicated volunteers). Sharon … played the harp beautifully and it truly set this event apart; we were thrilled to be able to showcase a talented musician who also has a very special connection to our mission. ”

    Sharon came away from this event quite encouraged. She wants to find for her repertoire more crowd-pleasing music. Stanford’s RhD-negative donors gave her a lot of response.

    Only about 10% of the local population is RhD-negative. If you are a negative person, Stanford could re-use your spare Red Blood Cells.

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