First run

By Thomas Macauley on

I went for a run for the first time in years.  I would not count anything since about 1987 as a run – just a few runs across Berkeley.

This is a big achievement for me, since I had been dismissed from sports in 1981 due to hip pain affected by running.  I learned this year that my issue was probably posture and method rather than weak joints.

Yesterday’s run was a now-familiar 5.2 miles loop on Almaden Quicksilver’s New Almaden and Guadalupe trails.  My time was only about 8 minutes longer than my ‘hiking’ time since I have been working up to this with 45 hard trail hikes since June.  Pretty much going 4MPG average up&down except in the most steep terrain like the Kennedy Trail.

Despite the practice, running earned mildly sore muscles – more than even my 11-12 mile hikes up and down Mt. Sambroso and the Sierra Azul – though no ‘hiker’s leg’ bruising.

My floppy-feet method has really worked: no shin splints, no hip pain, no injuries.


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