Regulated mealtime proves “The Broccoli Argument”

By Thomas Macauley on

USDA defense against school lunch complaints:

Some folks love it, some folks have had questions about it, but that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with 32 million children and you’re dealing with over a hundred thousand school districts.**

Let us be offended.  Do we need to regulate mealtime?  All 32M kids under one regime?

The Broccoli Argument was supposed to be reductio ad absurdium.  No one would make a law requiring consumption of broccoli, right?.

By the way, the USDA is also a major obstacle to re-localizing our food distribution.  Everyone is afraid of what the USDA will require or forbid.  Therefore food production is centralized to large enterprises that can for now afford to deal with the cost of regulation.

We are 100 years since Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.  Even if Sinclair was not sensationalizing health risks at meat packers, his observations were long long ago.  I think we can let people grow, harvest, share, sell their own food.  FOOD!

There are so many areas of life regulated poorly based on old regimes and inefficient allocation of rights.  Exciting things happen when the regimes are changed or made obsolete (wireless bandwidth, fracking, private space, WW2 re-industrialization… Internet)

Can we free up food for creative innovation and use?


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