1. Apple is getting grief over their iOS6 maps.
    Yes: no Street View.
    Their traffic indicators are *fabulous*, though!
    Apple’s mapapp shows big and unique road work and road obstacle icons. Their slowed transit indication is a dashed dark red line. The other traffic lines are not dark, regardless of color. You can see these icon and color indicators at a glance either zoomed out or zoomed in.

    I *hated* the old map app for traffic so never could use it in practice. Who can see a *flashing* line at a glance. ‘Definitely had to risk stop&go traffic accidents while gazing for seconds at the old Google-based traffic maps. The contrast between Red/Flashing/Yellow/Green was hard to distinguish for the color-deficient. I am told it was not so great for the color-endowed, too.

    We can trust some Apple $B’s to pay for a camera car to drive around the world now, right? Maybe they will be smarter than Google and use UAVs instead…

  2. another feature extremely helpful to me:
    ‘snooze’ in the podcast app!

    i now can end my day and fall asleep during hour-one of the john batchelor podcast… without the other three hours playing on and being marked as read

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