Hardest hike yet

By Thomas Macauley on

Thanks to the Smiths for taking Henry to allow CopperPlate Design to focus on the YouthShakes site.  I could not have kept him busy for that long.

I could keep myself busy on a long hike.  Really pushed myself.  10# of water, egg, raisins.  Up&down.  Hike 43 of this new habit.

Kennedy Trail
Woods Road
Mount El Sombroso
4hrs, 11.4mi,
800′ elevation start, 2999′ at peak with the ups and downs

20120929 hardest hike mt.el sombroso hike 43

This was altogether harder than the climb from Lexinton to Lime Kiln to Priest Rock to the vista.

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  1. I made it to hike/run 113 on May 26 and my tenth time to the El Sombroso peak. It is still a tough walk. Trying to run as much as possible, I still get the same elapsed time. If it is not a hot day, the round trip is okay without water and pack. A new app iSmoothRun tells me the total distance is 11.75miles, 2250 callories for my weight 169 lb, 3 hrs 13 minutes total time (inc 4.5 minutes net of rest), 2813 feet of ascents. 21,175 steps.

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