$2B Protection Racket

By Thomas Macauley on

A fellow asked me yesterday why we were giving aid to Egypt.
I remembered some answers in historical sequence as I recall it:

The Yom Kippur War involved Soviet-backed arab nations and a massive US arms supply airlift  –  Nixon vs Brezhnev, Sadat vs Golda Meir.  Therefore we supported Egypt to:

  • Keep them out of the Soviet bloc and to
  • Pay them to make no war against Israel

The Soviets collapsed twenty years ago. Therefore the arms were to:

  • Still pay them not to war against Israel (arming to keep from warring?) and to
  • Keep strongman Mubarak in control as he kept radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood contained

There are new bosses now in Egypt.  There is still a chance Morsi and the Muslim Bros will go the strong-man route and use arms to suppress his populace… but they are not so sure to keep the peace.  Therefore the main reason we supply arms now is so:

  • Egypt keeps motivated (and is armed enough?) to guard our embassies.

Paying to avoid harassment. Protection money.


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