Army nostalgia

By Thomas Macauley on

Dad’s US Army Korea 1947-48.  Honorable discharge in 1948, I believe..

31st Reg was assigned to 7th Inf by MacArthur in 1946-48 for Korea occupation, facing Soviets across the 38th parallel.
Moved in 1948 to Hokkaido, Japan occupation

Dad as Reservist was not called back for their Nov 1950 Inchon invasion.  Combat with Chinese at Old Baldy, Pork Chop Hill, the Triangle, OP Dale… Of the original 3,200 men only 385 survived, ultimately to be evac’d via Puson.

High School Poly High School in SF around 1945;
Fort Lewis, WA in 1946 (Co.A, 51st E.T. Bn)
A.A. UC Berkeley in 1948;
B.A. Business UC Berkeley in 1951.
CPA: CA 1955; WA 1949; AICPA 1955; VA 1968; NC 1974

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