Opus One

By Thomas Macauley on

They’re rackin’ their brain, to think of a name
To give to this tune, so Frankie can croon
And maybe old Bing will give it a fling
And that’ll start everyone hummin’ the thing

The melody’s gone, repeat and repeat
But if you can swing, it’s got a good beat
And that’s the main thing, to make with the feet
‘Cause rockin rhythm’s ruling the day

So they call it Opus One
Come on latch on and jump
Hey hey hey
Its Opus One
This ain’t no time to slump

if Benny, the King, could do it in swing
And ol’ Mr. G could rock it for me
There’s never a doubt, you’ll knock yourself out
Whenever you get near Opus One!

– Gene Krupa, Drummer Man, and Anita O’Day


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