Chinese Drop

By Thomas Macauley on

Chinese Drop by Major Major.
The opening lyrics I think are humorous.

“Will the Chinese drop the bomb?
You know they will, it won’t be long until they’re gone
To Taiwan. They love my song
Just like Hong Kong and Falun Gong
They’re super strong

Will the police smash your face?
You they will if you step out of place, woah yeah.
Many canes, they use their mace
The human race they will erase
Without a trace.

Soon we’ll all be home.
We’re not alone.
We’re going home.
The long way home.
We’re not alone.
We’re going home
We’re not alone.

Oh will we ever be so free.
You know we will when we have made it on TV.
We paid a fee that is a key.
Just wait and see what we will be.
We’re on TV!

[Chorus repeat]…”

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