Discreet Upgrade

By Thomas Macauley on

I finalized a customization of WordPress to match the approved design of San Jose Youth Shakespeare’s home. After the play run I will remove the /bard/ path. For now the site relies on .htaccess redirection. The old flat files still exist and are valid. The several forms on the site are not responsive to PDA …

alviso sunrise train

Four Halves

By Thomas Macauley on

Trail running update. 9,328.5 more hours to go until I can claim to be knowledgeable with 10K hours of experience. 246 workouts completed so far. Four of these have been recent half-marathon distance treks. The hardest Half was tracking the Sierra Azul Trail Challenge course last week, adding a bit at the end to be …

Side Dip

By Thomas Macauley on

The white car had a broken cover to the left side mirror and no “objects closer” curve. I acquired a a $9 can of Plasti-Dip and a $55 mirror replacement (Kool-Vue T01321262/FOR010714Ls), removed the door panel, and replaced the mirror. Before installation, I used the Plasti-Dip to paint the white original driver’s side mirror cover …